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Paul A. Lelekis

Triple Play by Paul A. Lelekis - Mixed Media Download

Triple Play by Paul A. Lelekis - Mixed Media Download

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Two monster card routines, with patter, AND an exposé VIDEO of the Bluff Pass in detail! Paul has the very best rendition of The Bluff Pass that NEVER fails - even when you perform it for magicians!

KING PEN - Venture into a magical card adventure with the Notorious X card...a hardened criminal! He escapes prison but the two red King Guards chase him down and return him to prison!
This routine is a lot of fun to perform and you will learn some cool sleights and displays that are very little-known but are extremely deceptive!

PARALLEL UNIVERSE - This effect is a "smoking hot" paradox that will have your spectators STUNNED!
A card is selected and signed by the spectator and placed off to the can even be guarded by a spectator. Then you remove the Ace of Spades and the Queen of Hearts and play a little game with the spectators that make the Ace and the Queen switch as often as you wish.
THEN you take the signed selection, wave it over the Queen and with a SNAP! It changes into the ACE! But even more strange is the Ace, placed earlier, off to the right is shown to be the SIGNED SELECTION! This trick is HOT!

THE BLUFF PASS - See the VIDEO included and learn the intricacies to make this control your favorite! You've heard about it but were afraid to "play" it. This is the REAL DEAL on The Bluff Pass! There have been numerous explanations and videos teaching this sleight...but they didn't know the real scoop! Learn from Paul how to make this control, 100%!
That's right...even fool magicians with it - guaranteed!

Download the eBook and videos, and learn!

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