Who Is The Todsky?

Todsky magician

Hi, I’m Todd and I’m the owner of Todsky’s Online Magic Shop.

About 40 years ago when I first began my professional career as a magician, I took on the moniker The Amazing Todsky. Since then, I have had a successful career

as a local magician here in Montreal, Canada, and I really enjoy helping other magicians find their way in the world of magic. And that is why I created Todsky’s Magic Shop.

There are a few good reasons to become a loyal customer at Todsky’s:

1) You will receive excellent customer service from me.
In my 40+ years as a performing magician and consumer of all things magical, I know how important it is to find the right trick or book. For all my customers, I am more than happy to offer my professional advice, guidance and recommendations to you about all things magical.

2) A very wide and varied selection of magic.
Todsky’s Magic Shop not only carries the entire Murphy’s Magic line of products, we also carry Ellusionist, Penguin MagicMagic MakersBeginners Magic, as well as thousands of Playing Cards. If there is something you are looking for and having trouble finding, I will search the ends of the Earth to find it for you (except Antarctica: too cold there!).

3) Mystery Gifts, Super Sales Events and $5 Shipping

We have regularly occurring mega-discounted sales, and many orders are eligible for a free Mystery Gift. And shipping is only $5* within Canada for all orders over $100.

*(Oversized items may incur additional shipping fees)

Discount Codes:

For orders over $50 enter code Mystery Gift on checkout page for a free gift.

For orders over $200 enter code Slydini on checkout page for a 5% discount.

For orders over $400 enter code Cardini on checkout page for a 10% discount.

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4) There is no 4. Please move on to 5…

5) Blame Canada!
Yes, blame Canada for having launched some of the world’s greatest magicians: Dai VernonDoug HenningThe Amazing Todsky? And blame me for having the greatest magic shop in Canada! My point is, Canada is a great country, so Buy Canada! Support your fellow Canadian Magic Vendor! And if you’re buying from outside Canada, Buy Canada! because we need your help to pay the heating bills up here where it gets really cold.

6) Todsky and his Family
Todsky’s wife Todderella and their two boys Todsky Junior and Todsky Junior Junior need your help to pay their bills and put the boys through school so that the boys can avoid becoming magic nerds like their daddy.

7) Price Matching
I purposefully buried this here, but if you do find a better price somewhere else for a comparable item, let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you…