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Big Blind Media

The Controls Project by Big Blind Media - Video Download

The Controls Project by Big Blind Media - Video Download

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Being able to secretly control a spectator's chosen card to any position of the pack is an essential skill for EVERY magician.

On 'The Controls Project' you'll learn 26 devastating and deceptive techniques, ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. These skills will leave you armed to covertly move playing cards to literally ANY position in the pack you desire. The included material will provide insight and fundamental lessons for everyone from beginners to working professionals alike.

As with the other titles in our Sleights series, 'The Controls Project' features the acclaimed and concise teaching of Liam Montier, who covers not only the technical aspects of these deceptive moves, but also important theory on how to make your sleights truly invisible, how to practice, what to do in emergencies and much more.

Grab a deck and let's learn how to CONTROL THOSE CARDS! Introduction

Holding A Break
  • Double Undercut
  • Double Undercut Variation
  • Double Undercut To Table
  • Dominique Duvivier Double Undercut
Double Undercut Advice

Other Double Undercut Ideas
  • Overhand Shuffle Control
  • The Injog Shuffle
  • Natural Jog Control
Delaying The Control
  • Hindu Shuffle Control
  • Swivel Cut
  • Dribble Toss Control
How to Practise
  • The Tipover Control
  • Ovette Master Move
  • Ovette Master Move Misdirection Advice
Casual vs Formal
  • Pants Leg Reverse
  • Simplicity Control
  • Tilt Illusion
Uniformity Of Action
  • Spread Cull Control
  • Convincing Control
  • Flexible Switchout
  • Illogical Double Lift
  • Bluff Pass
Fixing A Mistake
  • Side Steal
  • Side Steal To Bottom
Multiple Shift Introduction
  • Dai Vernon's Multiple Shift
  • Carmen D'Amico's Multiple Shift
Blind Lemon Aces - Jack Carpenter
Deep Thrust - Larry Jenning
Psychic Pickpocket - Liam Montier
The Powerful Queen - Rovi
WWBD - Liam Montier
Infinity Round Trip - Alex Elmsley
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