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Christopher Wardle

The Baseball Shuffle by Chris Wardle - Video Download

The Baseball Shuffle by Chris Wardle - Video Download

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The performer displays 10 cards, Ace through to 10 in Clubs. They are placed inside a baseball cap and shaken about. The cards are removed and shown completely mixed, with some now face down too. They are replaced and mixed again, while the spectators think 'order'. Now the cards alternate face up and face down, as odd and even values!

After a final 'baseball shuffle', they come out all face up AND in numerical order!

The Baseball Shuffle by Chris Wardle is a fun, visual, completely self-working card effect which can be performed casually (in a baseball cap) or using an outside jacket pocket for a more formal presentation.

The Baseball Shuffle!

Completely Self-Working, visual magic, no reset! Can be performed in person or online, as no volunteer assistance required. Entirely self-contained. A magical, modern, performance piece.

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