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TEN KEYS CHANGE by SaysevenT - Video Download

TEN KEYS CHANGE by SaysevenT - Video Download

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You've seen magicians perform a card change (or "color change"). But how about twice in a row? Have you ever seen that? How about five times? How about twenty times - you've never seen that many in a row? Well, keep reading!

Seriously. With TEN KEYS CHANGE, you'll be able to perform even more than twenty card changes and it looks so magical - one right after another!

Sounds impossible, but this technique really works. And I'll teach you how to do it.

This video download offers:

- Nonverbal explanation
- Detailed explanation
- Pure sleight of hand
- Advanced level

Welcome to TEN KEYS CHANGE...

Download the video and learn how to perform incredible-looking, multiple card changes.

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