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Sword Thru Neck, 2 pcs items

Sword Thru Neck, 2 pcs items

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The magician brings up a member of the audience in order to try out "something new". The magician then shows a curious device that he has never tried out before. The magician states that "anything that goes into this device cannot be harmed in any way". He then goes on to prove the theory by placing a piece of crumpled newspaper inside the device. The magician shoves a sword through the device and then pulls it back out. He shows the piece of paper with holes all over it... the audience bursts into laughter! Next he suggests that it only works on living things. He places the device over the audience members' neck. The tension builds, the audience is sitting at the edge of their seats. The magician shoves the sword completely through the device. The sword is pulled out and the audience member is not harmed! This illusion can be done surrounded!

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