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Jonathan Royle

STAY AT HOME & HYPNOTIZE - HOW TO BECOME A MASTER HYPNOTIST WITH EASEBy Jonathan Royle & Stuart "Harrizon" Cassels - Mixed Media Download

STAY AT HOME & HYPNOTIZE - HOW TO BECOME A MASTER HYPNOTIST WITH EASEBy Jonathan Royle & Stuart "Harrizon" Cassels - Mixed Media Download

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Within this bumper download package which was filmed during May & June 2020 whilst the Covid-19 Lock-Down was taking place in England and many places around the world, Celebrity Hypnotist Jonathan Royle is joined by Award Winning Graphic Designer and Marketing Consultant Stuart "Harrizon" Cassels to teach you absolutely everything you could ever want or need to know about all areas of becoming a Truly Successful Master Hypnotist.

In total you will gain access to over 24 Hours (equivalent to Four Days of Live Classes) of Video Training along with Audio versions of all the lessons and back up training materials which purchased individually are worth over $444+ alone.

You will have the ability to become a Fully Qualified, Confident and Competent Diploma Bearing Practitioner of "Complete Mind Therapy" (CMT) which will enable you to help most any person with most any Habit, Addiction, Fear, Phobia or other issue from A through to Z to overcome their problems in a single 60 to 90 minute treatment session using these cutting edge NLP & Hypnotherapy Style techniques.

Further you will be able to become a Fully Qualified, Confident and Competent Diploma Bearing Practitioner of "Complete Unconscious Reprogramming of Emotional Disease & Distress" (C.U.R.E.D) a powerful process to enable direct communication & negotiation with the clients unconscious mind using Ideo Motor Responses which can be used to help them overcome many issues in their life within minutes.

These are not "Tricks" but rather the real deal on Hypnotic Psychological Mind Therapy Treatment Techniques which can be used with clients on a 1 to 1 basis both in person and also online via video platforms such as Skype or Zoom as well as enabling you to run insanely profitable Group Hypnosis Sessions both online and in person.

As well as discovering the true inside secrets of how to become a skilled Mind Therapy Practitioner you will also along the way learn many of the (until now) jealously guarded Secrets of the Comedy Stage Hypnotists & Street Hypnotists which will both enable you to give Entertaining Demonstrations of Hypnosis as well as giving Free Public Talks which you will learn how to monetize and turn into big profits for your Mind Therapy Business.

From having someone's hands or eyelids lock together on the one hand through to having them forget their name, be unable to count, say or think the number 7 and a whole host of other amazing and comical routines, you will learn the expert "No Fail" approaches that will ensure your success each and every-time you wish to demonstrate such genuine Hypnotic Phenomena.

This entire package is crammed full of real world, tried tested and consistently proven to work approaches, strategies and techniques that the vast majority of other so called Hypnosis Trainers quite simply either don't know or in many cases are just too scared to teach you as they don't want to create and real competition for themselves.

The contents of this package are head and shoulders above anything that anyone else in the world has ever released if your aim is to become a Truly Confident and Competent Master Hypnotist.

In addition to the videos & audios of the May 2020 and also the June 2020 "Stay At Home & Hypnotize" training events, you will also be given all of the other back up training videos, manuals, detailed Scripts and Fast Track Success Tools to help ensure your success.

Whilst this package may (at first sight) seem expensive at $397, when you consider, that to attend a course like this in person would usually cost you at least double that and not contain even a tiny fraction of the real world proven Secrets contained herein, then you can start to realize what a great opportunity this is.

When you also consider that you will be taught all of the Marketing, Advertising, Publicity and Promotional Strategies in order to attract clients who are happy and eager to pay you at least $300+ per Session you will soon realise that you only need to attract 2 clients and you will not only have recouped your initial investment into this complete "Business in A Box" package, but also will have made a Profit.

Not only that, but along the way you will learn all about the truth behind Hypnotist & Mentalist Bob Burns "The S.W.A.N" technique along with discovering the real truth about EMDR, The Havening Technique, Meridian Tapping Therapies and VCDT = Visual Confusion Disorientation Techniques & many others.

And rest assured Royle will also Reveal all of the Fast Track Methods for Hypnotic Success that he has over the years taught to many of the Famous Name Media & Television Life Coaches & Hypnotists around the world who paid him many times your tiny investment into this bumper package. This is "Real Mind Magic" and this package has been structured and designed to take even the complete novice to Advanced Master Hypnotist level with the greatest of ease and in the shortest time space possible.

Indeed it is also true to state that there are many Psychological Principles and Insights taught along with Hypnotic techniques that the astute Magician, Mentalist & Psychic Entertainer will also be able to powerfully incorporate into their work.

This package which has already received positive rave reviews from numerous people located all around the world is Your Big Trance to Become A True Master Hypnotist.

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