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Sonic Stab by Loki Kross - DVD

Sonic Stab by Loki Kross - DVD

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The modern-day Card Stab!

Sonic Stab is a versatile card prediction routine with style! With a pair of standard headphones around your neck, you will pick out your spectator's chosen card every single time. Just toss the deck of cards into the air, crack the headphones like a whip, and watch your audience's reaction when you stab their chosen card with your headphones!

It is quick to set up, easy to perform, and extremely fun for both performer and audience!

If you ever want to feel like Indiana Jones while performing, Sonic Stab is the routine for you!

What you receive: 1 Sonic Stab Instructional DVD

TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.

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