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Gogo Requiem

Ring Pin by Gogo Requiem - Video Download

Ring Pin by Gogo Requiem - Video Download

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A new method/handling for the linking safety pins routine. Now the heads of the pins are visible all the time and you can show both sides of the pins right after the linking and unlinking.

A new multi-phased routine is included where a borrowed ring links into the pins one at a time.

Also includes a bonus routine where the jumping ring links on the safety pin.

Everything is examinable
No gimmicks
Extremely easy to learn
Step by step video instructions

"I would like to thank and express my gratitude to all of the magicians who have influenced me to create my routine with the safety pins. Knowing the old classics and methods in cards, coins, linking rings, etc. is essential for us if we want to upgrade our skills. The same is with the safety pins."
- Gogo Requiem
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