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Mastering Q&A: Professional Secrets (Teleseminar) by Bob Cassidy - Audio Download

Mastering Q&A: Professional Secrets (Teleseminar) by Bob Cassidy - Audio Download

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The Q&A routine has long been considered as the most powerful routine a mentalist can do and the "backbone of mentalism," according to Bob Cassidy. Now, Bob Cassidy, arguably the most influential mentalist the last few decades, is sharing with the mentalism and magic community the professional secrets of performing Q&A, both classic and modern, that he featured in his landmark, exclusive, and highly acclaimed Q&A workshops!

Learn the following essentials of Q&A and how it can tranform your act:

  • A complete analysis and in-depth instruction of the classic Q&A routines and approaches, including ones by Baldwin, Sunshine, Dunninger, Volta, and Nelson!
  • How to read the audience
  • Bob Cassidy's Scorpio Message
  • An informative discussion of impression devices, including how to properly handle and present them, how to choose the right device, and how to allay suspicions of their use
plus much, much more....
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