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Limited Bee X Cherry (Blue) Playing Cards

Limited Bee X Cherry (Blue) Playing Cards

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"Easily one of the cleanest collaborations I've ever seen."
- Jeremy Griffith

131 years in the making. 10+ years since the last custom Bee deck was printed.
Introducing the Limited Bee X Cherry Playing Cards, a monumental collaboration that marries the iconic Bee Casino back design with the modern, clean fervent spirit of Cherry Casino playing cards.

When legends unite, magic is bound to happen.
  • Designed by Phill Smith, every card in this deck, stands as a testament to tradition, artistry, and craftsmanship.
  • The tuck 'No 92' is a nod to the NY Consolidated Card Company who first manufactured the Bee Decks in 1892.
  • The Ace of Spades and Joker capture the individual elements of the Bee and Cherry Decks.
Crafted by US Playing Card Company for connoisseurs who discern the nuances of a premium deck, these cards promise unparalleled durability, a smooth glide, and that signature snap. The Bee Cambric Finish and Bee paper is perfect for intricate fanning, detailed card work, or to make a statement at any card table.

Bee X Cherry red and blue are limited to 3,500 units each.

Limited to 2500 sets. NEVER TO BE REPRINTED
Black and Gold cold foil with numbered custom seals. Set inside an etched carat case (not sold individually).

Immerse yourself in a world where tradition and passion intertwine, turning every shuffle, deal, and hand into a captivating story.

"Beautiful, they will be a classic."
- Bill Kalush

"'Patrick Bateman ooh face' These are dope! Can't believe you guys got these made. Loving the retro and new ages vibes coming together."
- Chris Brown

"We all know that there would be no sweet cherries without bees. And now we all know that there are no sweet Bees without cherries."
- Ondrej Pšenicka
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