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DR DALEY REMASTERED by Jordan Victoria (King)

DR DALEY REMASTERED by Jordan Victoria (King)

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Dr Daley's Remastered is my take of the classic Dr Daley's Last Trick published in 1976 by Karl Fulves in Self Working Card Tricks.

A four of a kind is used. For each step, you will ask your spectator to keep an eye on one of them.

For the first step, one chance out of two. But for the two others... well... it will be way harder for them to follow the cards!

Every step is harder for the spectator and that is the strongest part of this trick (because you're doing the trick slower every time).

Included in this product:
  • Gimmick with the Bicycle Rider Back.
  • The routine explained step by step.
  • Gimmicks available in Jacks, Queens or Kings.
Note: It doesn't matter the value you choose; the effect will be exactly the same for your audience!
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