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Harry Loranye's Apocalypse #2 (6-10) - Book

Harry Loranye's Apocalypse #2 (6-10) - Book

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Volumes 6-10 Spanning January 1983-December 1987

720 Jam Packed Pages--Plus 20 Pages Of Indexes! Over 265 Card Effects, over 100 Coin Effects, over 100 Other Items, Plus Articles and Editorials!

Contributors Include--Ed Marlo, Ken Krenzel, David Regal, J.K. Hartman, Michael Ammar, Larry Becker, Mike Bornstein, Tom Craven, Dan Garrett, Phil Goldstein, Larry Jennings, Jeff McBride, Jay Marshall, Juan Tamariz, Meir Yedid, Ascanio, Jeff Altman, Bob King, Martin Nash, David Ben, Bernard Bilis and on and on., and Harry Lorayne!

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