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Paul A. Lelekis

A TOPOLOGICAL TRIO by Paul A. Lelekis - ebook

A TOPOLOGICAL TRIO by Paul A. Lelekis - ebook

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Many photographs make these effects very understandable!

1) Torn & Restored Card: There have been many, many ways to perform this effect over the years... but Paul Lelekis has created a brilliant, new version!

Imagine removing a single card from the deck, with empty hands and then, VERY OPENLY, tearing it in half (without ANY cover at all). Then you restore it into a single playing card!

You then sign the card and hand it out as a souvenir - with absolutely NO clues!

There are NO extra cards to add, NO awkward moves, NO fake tears, NO sticky substances or tapes, NO switches, NO hiding of the all!

REMEMBER, this entire effect works with only one (gaffed) card - this method is ingenious!

2) The Moebius Strips, aka, The Afghan Bands!: This trick is more than just making the loops link and growing to double in size! Included with this routine is a third method with an even more AMAZING outcome! This is a wonderful, interactive routine with one of the children at your show! Paul's full routine and patter are included.

Learn Paul's full 4-stage routine! It is a MUST-HAVE for your kiddie shows!

3) CARD WARP: is another amazing topological effect! But now, for the first time, Paul reveals his very cool idea for the finale that he has used for over 25 years.

Paul has been performing this effect with his own convincing ending for a long time...and it is so strong that your spectators will sit there with their mouths open...and you can even let them check out the torn "warped" card.


Paul has included instructions for a very easy-to-construct "small prop" that will add a new dimension to your magic, as it has many, many hilarious applications!

Each move is demonstrated by Paul with color photos!

Remember... Paul KNOWS magic!

Download the eBook and learn these gems!

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