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Silent Running, Limited Edition by Ben Harris

Silent Running, Limited Edition by Ben Harris

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Limited deluxe edition. This was limited to 100 copies. It has two additional semi-transparent sheets compared to the regular edition. The first page has Ben's signature, date and running number. And the second additional page has a bonus called Lucky Number Ploy.


You'll use this for the rest of your life. No props, just what appears to be pure mind-reading! A stunningly produced eBook with 3 full routines and amazing bonus contributions!

So, what is Silent Running?

Briefly, it's a "Think Of A Card" concept that requires no props at all. You don't even need a deck of cards. A spectator is asked to merely THINK of a number from 1-10 and to NOT TELL YOU. Once she has done this, she is asked to think of a suit and again to NOT TELL YOU. Then, ENTIRELY IN HER MIND she adds the suit to the number to create a visual image of a playing card. Again, SHE SAYS NOTHING! Once she has confirmed that she is thinking of a card that NO ONE CAN KNOW, you then proceed to reveal the card in any number of ways.

Three routines are included:


You ask the spectator to concentrate. You then reveal her thought-of card with 100% accuracy. It's that simple. Once you know the method you'll be able to do this at any time. In fact, you'll be doing this for the rest of your life. It is that strong and so simple!


You discuss cold war experiments in which psychics were tested to see if they could make enemy maps become blank and useless. The spectator is handed a deck of cards BEFORE YOU BEGIN. She is NOW asked to think of a card WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING. When she has confirmed that she has a card in her mind, you ask her to imagine it "fading way" slowly. When she confirms that her mental image is gone, she is asked to take the deck and to remove her thought-of card. She attempts to do this, and counts the cards. However, there are ONLY 51 cards and her though-of card IS NOT THERE! The amazing thing about this is that she NEVER REVEALS THE IDENTITY OF HER CARD AT ANY TIME!


This is Ben's favorite handling and what he is using to close his professional shows. A deck is shuffled face up and face down by a spectator, spread upon the table and covered with a sheet of newspaper. A knife is introduced and the spectator is asked to THINK OF A CARD. Once she has done this, she is asked to imagine the spirit of the card flowing down her arms, through her wrists, into her hands and finally into the knife. AT NO TIME DOES SHE REVEAL HER THOUGHT OF CARD. The performer now takes the knife and lunges it through the newspaper. It stands proud for all to see. Now, for the FIRST TIME, the spectator announces her thought-of card to the audience. The knife is ripped from the newspaper and is seen to be IMPALING THE VERY SAME CARD. There are no switches, the thought-of card is genuinely stabbed, each time.


  • Nothing is EVER written down -- this is strictly a verbal procedure
  • There is NO dual reality. The spectator and audience of ANY SIZE experience the same effect
  • There are NO GIMMICKS used at all, no nail writers, electronics -- NOTHING
  • No muscle-reading is used. The effect is EASILY learned
  • Perform for a single spectator or a thousand
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