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Tjiu Agus Haryanto

ReMASKable (Silver) by Agus Tjiu & Adrian Martinus - Trick

ReMASKable (Silver) by Agus Tjiu & Adrian Martinus - Trick

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ReMASKable is the easiest, simplest, in-plain-sight guessing-spectator's-card ever.

From the beginning, they see your prediction, ignoring it, except when the time you let them to really seeing it.

And there's more!

You repeat the trick again, and yet you are doing it under their nose, again!

Can be use by beginner to pro street magician, perfect for your social media trick or ice breaking presentation, since it's a stylish wearable mask.

Literally, can be used in world's health condition today. Mask is the most common wearable after pants and shirts today, so it works perfectly to all of your routines and audiences.

Designed from quality fabric that can protect you from dust and splash. It's not easily stretched, and printed with a quality ink that will last long.

Come with explanation and routine sample.

Remarkable ReMASKable will give you an always ready trick to go.

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