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Tango Magic

Marcel Aces (C0008) (Gimmick and Online Instructions) - Trick

Marcel Aces (C0008) (Gimmick and Online Instructions) - Trick

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The easiest and most magical Aces assembly you can perform. In just 10 minutes, be ready to perform this classic card magic effect with 4 signed Aces.

Have a spectator sign the 4 Aces from a blue deck. Nine cards are removed from a red deck. One of the Aces is placed in a wine glass, with the back facing the audience. Three piles are created on the table, each comprising three cards from the red deck and an Ace. One by one, the Aces are shown to have vanished from those piles! The glass is now found to contain all four signed Aces!

You get a gimmick and a video instructional link.

Another creation of Marcel and Tango Magic.

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