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FLASH CARD by G Sparks

FLASH CARD by G Sparks

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"Two different routines that end with a Real Flash."


Enjoy the Magic by G Sparks

The push button electronic flash card unit is attached to a playing card and comes in a glossy white card box with a hot stamped card that reads Flash Card. You can also inset the flash card unit into any standard card box. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, (batteries not supplied).
Plus the how to link.
Made in USA.
Just add your own flash cotton and sparkle powder.

NOTE: Each unit comes with three extra ignite wires and you change the wire with needle nose pliers, (pliers not supplied). Each wire will fire the flash over fifty times.

NOTE: Refill flash wires and connectors are available and interchangeable for all G Sparks Flash Effects.

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