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Ed Meredith

Baker's Brainwaves (Limited/Out of Print) by Roy Baker - Book

Baker's Brainwaves (Limited/Out of Print) by Roy Baker - Book

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Roy Baker was one of the most versatile performers to ever grace a stage. Baker performed everything from Mentalism, close-up, Stage and parlor magic. His mind never seemed to turn off. Inventing Plots, methods, and routines for not only Adults, but also some great routines for Kids' show performers. Baker's Brainwaves contains everything from Cards, Mentalism, Coins, Stage magic and even a dose of routines for Kids. There is some great magic exposed in this book including: Baker's Aerosol, Impossible Divination, Bewitched, Spoonerism, A Date to Remember, The Telephone Caper and Much more. You're bound to find several effects you'll add to your repertoire!

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